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February 11, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. The book is basically a compilation of college courses he taught over the years. It covers everything from animal diseases, range restoration, grazing management, marketing, analyzing investments to the futures market.

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A very complete reference manual from someone involved in ranching and range restoration from the operational side and the college research side. He is a retired professor that has run very large feedlots and ranches, researched soil restoration and grazing. He worked with Allen Savory and Stan Parsons n the 80s. Well rounded book on a variety of subjects.

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I also got the ebook version, it is handy to have sometimes when not at home. October 21, - Published on Amazon. I found this book to be a very comprehensive easy to read,quick reference to the ranching profession. This is a must have in depth guide for any rancher and ranch manager, no matter what type of ranch that you may own or manage. Professor LaBaume takes the reader through all facets from how to create a healthy productive soil, which is vital to any ranching entity, to various animal production methods,genetics and the numerous diseases that can have an affect on your bottom line as a livestock producer.

Gunny also ties the whole of ranching by delving into the economics of the ranching industry through the use of holistic management practices.

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This is a must have handbook for the beginner to the longtime rancher. This four-semester Associate of Applied Science degree program will prepare students who plan to run farms and ranches and those who wish to enter industries that support agriculture, including equipment sales, commodity organizations, and government. This program includes classroom theory and hands-on experience that allows students to practice what they learn in the classroom and apply it to future job scenarios.

The Farm and Ranch Management degree program covers necessities of being an agriculturalist, including; agronomy, range and pasture management, animal science, soils, entomology, business, and more. Students will visit farm and ranch operations and agricultural businesses to apply what they learn and build connections with potential future stakeholders.

Request More Info. Apply Now. Farm and Ranch Managers plan, direct, or coordinate the management or operation of farms, ranches, or other agricultural establishments. They may engage in or supervise planting, cultivating, and harvesting of crops, and the general care of livestock. Managers monitor pasture or grazing land use to ensure that livestock are properly fed and that sustainable conservation practices are being used.

They negotiate with buyers for the sale, storage, or shipment of crops or livestock. These managers are stewards of the land, and advocates for the agricultural industry. Farm and Ranch Managers are well-rounded, and ready to take on any task in the agricultural field with their well-developed critical thinking skills. Permaculture offers a wealth of novel ideas. Holistic Management offers the framework to asses those ideas. The key to integrating Permaculture with Holistic Management is to recognize that all ideas and plans created with the help of Permaculture must be tested against your Holistic Goal before they are implemented.

This is how Permaculture people can avoid the project stagnation or project failure which is so common in the Permaculture Movement. Holistic Decision Making: which will dramatically increase the success rate of Permaculture projects. Holistic Financial Planning: sorely needed, Permaculture people rarely make a profit.

A global community of broad-acre farmers and ranchers, huge land base. A very large, and growing, global community of people passionate about sustainability. Increased influence in urban areas, among young people, and on the internet. Generally has more respect among conventional farmers and in the industrial food system. It is clear that more collaboration between Permaculture and HM would be of benefit to everyone.

Budgeting for Agricultural Decision Making

But how can we achieve this? If we are Permaculture people:. Ensure that we fully understand both Permaculture and HM and how they fit together.

Educate our fellow Permaculturists about the necessity of Holistic Decision Making. The History Of Holistic Management. The idea of Holistic Management was developed by Allan Savory over many years as he pursued his various careers in Africa scientist, farmer, ranch consultant, politician, military tracker, etc.

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He was concerned about the desertification happening in his country, Rhodesia. He eventually figured out that the desertification was caused by lack of animal impact and that the desertification could be reversed using properly-managed livestock.

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As he applied his grazing techniques he found that the land would eventually begin to deteriorate again due to the decision making of the managers, not the grazing technique itself. He realized that in order to truly adress the issue he would have to adress the people and the finances, not just the land itself. Originally, Holistic Management was marketed as a way to improve grass production for ranchers.

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This marketing technique was successful and now there are scores of long-time Holistic Ranchers in the US, Canada, and Mexico. The movement has since spread all over the globe.


It is most prominent in English speaking countries. There are relatively few Holistic Managers in South America and Asia, although that is changing quickly. The movement has now grown to include annual conferences around the world, hundreds of millions of acres under management, and recognition among major world organizations.

Because Holistic Managers are almost always more profitable than their peers to say nothing of the other benefits , global adoption of Holistic Management is inevitable based on economic realities alone. Learn About Holistic Management. If you wish to master Holistic Management in a short amount of time there is no substitute for taking a course with a Holistic Management Certified Educator.

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