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By Kennedy Tactical Concepts.

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On this podcast we talk about all things related to security, self-protection, and self-preservation. Sometimes things get a little Probably NSFW. Listen on. More places to listen.

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Elegance is what we weaponize: A look that is distinguished but not distinctive. Better than just a low profile is a soft profile: the camouflage of conviviality. As always, keep the aggressor at bay with your fence. Mobile phone sequence 2: In this sequence we are taking our basic gross motor strikes and applying them to an improvised weapon. In this case we are using a continuous attack using the bottom edge of a mobile phone for a series of cycling Hammer-fist strikes until the threat is eliminated. Continue Cycling until he's out of the game.

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Mobile phone sequence 1: In this example an aggressor has encroached on our space, we have a phone in our hand and the threat is imminent. Anton Scharmitzer.

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