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Green Reads for Under 5s. Green Reads for 5 and older.

Author: William H. Baarschers

Green Reads for 7 and older. Green Reads for 11 and older. Meet Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley - four friends who are all set for hours of creative fun. Go wild growing your own plants, and discover that there's more to soil than mud pies in this totally amazing science activity book.

Species Conservation, Rapid Environmental Change, and Ecological Ethics

Packed full of creative ideas, this book will keep young children entertained for hours. Click here to see the rest of the Maggie and Rose series. Meet Maggie, Rose, Oscar and Bentley - four friends with loads of ideas for fun stuff to do. This brilliant activity book contains oodles of things to make and do - all based around the subject of art and recycling. It's packed with simple games, fun things to make and creative activities for young children. A host of softly drawn animals whose habitats are endangered by humans are shown in their own worlds.

Under the sea tiny porpoises can get caught in fishing nets; in the forests giant pandas need thick plantations of bamboos to survive. Humans must think carefully before they damage the homes of these creatures.

Eco-facts and Eco-fiction: Understanding the Environmental Debate

A cautionary tale for readers young and old about the use and misuse of the planet, featuring dragons. Accessible and fun it is both beautiful and timely and will teach the reader about caring and sharing and working together.

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Debi's new book, Stormy Weather, will be out in October. A green message within a beautiful picture book. Loveable Charlie and Lola give all kinds of useful tips about the contribution they, and all other children, can make to looking after our planet. Why not check out our Lauren Child page to see which other titles we have featured here on Lovereading4kids.

A wonderfully simple story that conveys an important message to the toddler through the arrival on earth of five little men from Outer Space who find a planet spoiled and neglected and aim to put it right. This is a deceptively simple yet haunting story, beautifully and mysteriously illustrated.

Its setting is a bleak future metropolis where flowers no longer exist. However, but for the determination of one boy who sets off a chain of events no one would have seen the beauty of flowers again. Celebrate the world through songs with this book that is supported by a CD. There are songs from mountains and valleys, songs for fish, birds and trees.

The “Eco‐language” of Environmental Controversies - Nairn - - Ecology - Wiley Online Library

Beautifully illustrated, the music is also supported by additional information which highlights the importance of protecting our environment from global warming. Book and CD. Exquisite and fascinating illustrations beautifully capture the hopeful mood of this story about the power of dreaming.

Living in a miserable grey world, an old man repeatedly dreams of colour and growth.

Gradually his world begins to full up with colour, change and therefore hope. Why this book is the choice of Simon Bartram, September Guest Editor: "In this wonderfully illustrated picture book an old man lives in the dark, grim middle of nowhere. He dreams of being surrounded by a beautiful forest and so, using bits and bobs of old scrap and rubbish, he begins to construct a makeshift tin forest of his very own. It isn't perfect but it's his. Then one day a small bird flies in and lands on one of the tin trees. This triggers a magical transformation of his world as his dreams slowly come true.

This is a book in which the words and pictures compliment each other perfectly. Wayne Anderson's detailed illustrations jump off the page and the more you look, the more you see. A campaigning picture book that will encourage all to recycle. Litterbug Doug hates recycling; instead he creates a heap of litter all around his home. When green-hero Michael appears Litterbug Doug refuses to listen to the recycling message and does all he can to keen resist it.

But something changes; now Litterbug Doug is a recycling hero too… Michael Recycle was published in to lots of praise. Click here for more details on the Michael Recycle title. A witty and charming story which strikes a cautionary note about greed, the hero of which is a warm-hearted guinea pig called Christopher Nibble. This stunning collection of stories from around the world, which celebrate the importance of the world we live in, is supported by inspiring hands-on activities to encourage all to protect and preserve our world as much as we are able.

Looking after our world is important to everyone; this collection shows why. Loads of easily accessible information is packed into this attractive interactive information book. Busy spreads draw readers in to explore different aspects of the Earth from where it is in the solar system to the geography you can find on it.

This is one of the best ever books on the environment for children and this new edition is printed on recycled paper. Shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award The most overlooked threat in the world today is the loss of peace and tranquility. Sparing, wistful words are brought to life by involving and epic images to make the imagination and the heart soar.

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The result is a sight to behold. What the Kate Greenaway Award judges said: 'A breathtaking and magical piece of work, that is wholly original and allows your imagination space to work. Craste makes outstanding use of light to haunting and often poignant effect. Coming from a small publisher, Tango Books, is a book that we at Lovereading4kids rate very highly indeed in terms of getting the green agenda across to even the youngest toddler.

For even more information then go to www. When this lovely book came in we were bowled over by it, both because of its 'Green' theme but also because of the terrific interaction of illustration and straightforward text. The character of Michael Recycle is an-all action hero and young kids, particularly boys, of course love to associate themselves with heroes; Perfect for kids just starting to read alone or alongside their parents. A great way to inform children from an early age of the importance of recycling.

Well done Meadowside. Click here to find out more about another Michael Recyle adventure Litterbug Doug. This is a dazzling introduction to the incredible variety of life on Earth for children of all ages. Act now and go green or it may be too late. Winner of the Blue Peter Book Awards. Best book with facts. A clever story which successfully wraps up a mass of information in a remarkably small space.

But then things begin to go wrong and Spud really does have to make an effort to keep his life green. This is the book to help you and the children give what you eat an eco-makeover! It's a make-and-do book and contains 16 ideas for tasty and healthy lunches and picnics, which at the same time highlight a range of ethical issues around sourcing food. In preparing lunchtime and picnic snacks, these activities encourage the use of seasonal, locally sourced and fair trade products as well as encouraging children to consider how their lunch is packaged to minimize resources.

Photographs and step-by-step guides show children how to make appealingly tasty, yet nutritious food as well as creating their own handy packaging. A fully interactive guide to different aspects of the workings of the world. The story of the water cycle pops up in the most exciting and unusual way.

The carbon cycle is explained in pictures, diagrams, folds outs and by measuring the carbon footprint of a many-layered hamburger. There is masses of information in this book and it is all presented in a way that makes finding out fun.