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Initially, frame aerials sited within the conning tower structure were used and it was found that these good results on low frequencies. Subsequent trials were carried out using a two fixed loops attached to the periscope but this was replaced by fixed loops fitted on the hull of the boat aft of the conning tower. The main aerial used for the main transmitter was used for sense finding 3. Developments after By introducing an adjustable capacitance it was possible to reduce amount of current induced in the Sense Aerial by the support mast thus reducing the amount of unnecessary content provided to the receiver for sense finding.

This was a most vital discovery and enabled an operationally effective system identified as FH1 to be produced in HM Signal School.

Further trials had to be arranged in convoy escorts with priority for fitting given to those deployed for ant-submarine defence. However the selection of position introduced conflict between ship designers and users which was hard to resolve satisfactorily. In both cases, c hoice of the site to be used had to take due account of the arcs of fire of weapons and the positions of other wireless aerials.

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Mandatory requirements associated with topside stability and electronic interferences, in the early stages of development, made it impossible to fit both radar and Huff Duff on the same ship 2. M ost escorts had the unit fitted on the mainmast aft in order to enable a surface warning radar set to be fitted on the foremast. In post war years the aerial was generally fitted on a pole mast forward, above the radar aerial. This would enable less skilled operators to rapidly establish and interpret the true bearing of signals received.

Twenty five escorts and rescue ships had been fitted with FH3 by January Distance from the transmitter was impossible to determine accurately, but operators soon learned to distinguish HF ground waves from sky waves. Since ground waves could only be detected 12 to 14 miles from the transmitter, FH3 operators knew when an intercepted signal represented a dangerously close U-boat. By the end of January 25 escorts and some rescue ships were fitted with an improved version.

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In this improved equipment each of the loops were connected to separate identical amplifying receiver units which could be balanced for phase shift and gain in order to provide outputs to the deflecting plates of the cathode ray tube.. This ensured that the resulting display would show when any phase differences existed in the signals being received from the two loops. The visual display of signals made it easier to distinguish ground wave signals since these were much stronger and the length of the displayed single line would be greater and indicate the range of the position from which the transmission was being made.

This was a vital factor in successful defence against submarine attack as U-Boat transmission were of very short duration and visual display provided in FH4 was easier for an experienced operator to assess. Although Sky wave signals reflected from ionospheric layers were of lower strength and made bearing and range determination unreliable.

Ground wave signals at ranges up to 12 miles made both factors much easier to determine since the signals were much stronger. A Test facility is included in FH4 design to balance the operation of the two receiver systems. This outfit because a standard fit in all RN vessels requiring a direction finding capability and was in use for the rest of the 21st century. During service this equipment also proved invaluable for other use than convoy defence. It was used for tactical purposes to establish positions of ships in a Task Group which were required to change position during a current operation.

Shore stations. The bearings of transmissions by U-Boats could be determined by two or more shore stations and passed to the convoy escort commander. Vertical dipoles were used for detection of signals on both low and high frequency transmissions Initially wire aerials suspended from high masts were used for earlier outfits but later arrangements used smaller rotating aerials sometimes in mobile vans, After introduction of the S25 Frame Coil for FH4 this was used at shore stations and in mobile units for high frequency requirements.

Some of the engineers were able to get to the USA via Spain early in The US. Navy, experimenting with its own shipboard Huff Duff models as well as the British FH3, was slow to embrace the new ideas.

Once the development of satisfactory equipment for use at sea on high frequency transmissions had been completed it was possible to begin work on development of suitable outfits for use an Very High Frequencies VHF. About this product Product Information Abandoned by her mother and raised by her loving but religiously zealous grandmother, year-old Heavenly Faith Simms H.

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When she finds her mother's address in a drawer, she and her best friend, Bo, an emotionally repressed gay boy, hit the road in Bo's scrap heap of a car and head south. Their journey through the heart of the American South awakens both teens to the realization that there is a life waiting for them that is very different from what they have known and that the concept of family is more far-reaching than they had ever imagined. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less.

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No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. You may also like. Paperback Books Now Publication Year. Although Finding H. Dec 28, Jennie rated it really liked it Shelves: glbtq-books , young-adult-books. Watts provides an accurate and entertaining view of gay teenage life in a conservative town. Her use of slang expressions and extensive dialog adds a sense of realism to H. Also Watts covers issues facing homosexual teens including: isolation from family, loss of identity and homophobia.

Watts describes the vicious, and sometimes violent treatment, of gay teens in school. As a person who was also raised by my grandmother, I related deeply to H. I was ultimately inspired by H. For instance H. However, other teens in the story are not able to reconcile their orientation with a religious affiliation. My only complaint is certain situations in the novel are coincidental to the point of absurdity.

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When H. Although this situation drives the plot forward, it seems highly unlikely to occur. She knows she likes girls and has a crush on Wendy, daughter of a professor at the college in town. She makes friends with Wendy and at a sleepover, they experiment. Wendy reacts badly and H. She then finds her mother's address in her grandmother's drawer and feels betrayed. She then talks her bestfriend, Bo, a gay boy, into going to Florida to see her mother.

Along the way, they meet other gay teens. When they get to Florida, H. On the way home, H. The ending wraps things up a little too easily and neatly, but otherwise an interesting read. I would not necessarily use this book in a classroom, but as a librarian, it would be a good book to have in the library. It is definitely a high school book. This book was discussed in the article we read. View all 4 comments. Sep 26, Sharon rated it liked it.

Julia Watts demonstrates just how far literature for gay youth has come since "Annie on My Mind. A reunion with her mother rang true and was reminiscent of "The Great Gilly Hopkins," while characters H. Dec 13, Lydia rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-read , ya-lgbt. Heavenly Faith has been left by her mother to be raised by her devoutly Christian grandmother. As HF realizes she is a lesbian and her best friend Beau is gay, the two form a bond of survival and love.

HF is surprised to discover that her mother is not lost, but has been in contact with her grandmother. HF recruits Beau to go on a road trip to talk to her mother. This is a sad story. I am not a big fan of the southern white trash lesbian with the well-meaning heart of gold who pines for her mothe Heavenly Faith has been left by her mother to be raised by her devoutly Christian grandmother.

I am not a big fan of the southern white trash lesbian with the well-meaning heart of gold who pines for her mother. But, given that, Watts is an excellent writer. Jan 19, Kylie Sparks rated it liked it.

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This love story, coming of age and road trip novel is well-written, funny and true. You could say it's wish fulfillment for a lesbian teen from a conservative Christian southern town--but it's a realistic kind of dream come true. This is no Thelma and Louise story. It's a sad statement but true that changing your geography changes everything if you are a lesbian growing up in that situtation.

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Having grown up in the south and moved north, I'm well aware of that. But a nice thing about this story This love story, coming of age and road trip novel is well-written, funny and true. But a nice thing about this story is that H. Dec 03, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: juvenile-ya-fiction. Heavenly Faith Simms, known as H. Her only friend is Bo, a boy who is considered a sissy by the football team and his father.