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A Lightworker is present to change systems, to encourage the evolution of a world, whether that world is seen or unseen.

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A Lightworker is born into, surrounded by, and led to wherever needs the power most, whether that need is met easily, or accomplished with blood, sweat, and tears. If you are honestly and truthfully doing your absolute best, for yourself and this world around you, then YOU are a Lightworker.

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Add to List. Add to Registry. Product Highlights A true hallmark of a lightworker is a deep dedication to their own path of awakening, healing, and higher consciousness and to then share and spread that with others in their chosen fields. Physically, we can see how our choices are impacting the planet and the health of all beings here.

On more subtle levels, our individual emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies can drive and reinforce current paradigms when we choose to not awaken and step into our sovereignty and creatorship through exercising radical self-responsibility. The harm we inflict upon ourselves is harm inflicted upon the masses. Each time we stifle our truths, deny our desire to express and share and heal and teach, again the current status quo that may not always have the best interest of others in mind is reinforced. What are you doing with your power?

Are you in right relationship with your power? When we change our own subtle levels and shift our own field, we influence change in the collective. If you feel called to work together, please schedule a complimentary, magical Core Wound Alchemy Session. Your email address will not be published.

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Are you ready to trust your body, align with Nature, honor your subtle energies, and transmute wounds into purpose? I support women in creating a life of purpose and joy out of their challenges through re-learning how to trust their bodies, aligning with Nature, and leveraging their subtle energies.

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Are You A Lightworker? Do you feel incredibly pulled and called to serve, guide, and help others?

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