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Mar 30, Kayla Krantz rated it it was amazing Shelves: horror , indie-authors , paranormal , thriller , werewolves. This story follows Jason after a werewolf attack as he struggles to recover and blend back into the world.

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The way the POV switches characters with each chapter which helps to power along the narrative, especially when Boil, the villain in this tale, is introduced. This story really works at the realness of the characters, giving them a depth that leaves the reader with no choice but to cheer them onward. This book I would definitely recommend to fans of The Turning and to anyone who enjoys a good werewolf story! May 30, Joshua Grant rated it it was amazing.

After returning home from Iraq, Jason discovers not all is well, with himself and with his girlfriend and best friend. Neilson does this particularly well as Jason begins to realize something is wrong with him. Read The Turning first and then dive into Whisper Lake. Jan 02, Baileigh Higgins rated it it was amazing. Kept me on the edge of my seat! After reading The Turning, I wondered if this, the prequel, would be as good and it was. It delivered on every level, page after page.

Convincing characters, realism, a solid plot, sex, violence, gore. This had it all. I can't wait to read the sequel. Disclosure - I received an advanced, unedited copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Overall I thought the book was a fast read. Having already The Turning, reading the prequel second does not confuse the story at all.

Some of the references and mysteries of The Turning start to unravel in Whisper Lake. The Turning left us with Disclosure - I received an advanced, unedited copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I really look forward to book 3. Feb 05, Libby rated it really liked it. Took me a long time to read this one because life kept interrupting me. But the book kept pulling me back in. I wanted to know what happened. Can't wait to read the next one! Jan 24, Carissa Lusk rated it it was amazing.

This story mixes together crime bosses, drug dealing, and werewolves. It's full of excitement, and I loved meeting some of the characters who were only mentioned in The Turning. By the end, the action level is so high that it's impossible to stop reading.

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Give it a try. Jan 12, joy rated it it was amazing. Great book I believe this book was even better than the first.

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A werewolf book with a little twist, and characters you could feel for. Feb 09, A. It was a solid throwback to old-school wolf lore with a few fresh twists, and Whisper Lake is no different.

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Jason Emblock begins his story like most protagonists in this subgenre: as the victim of a vicious attack that nearly kills him. From there he returns to his hometown to recover and deals with the burdens that he now has to bear. The overall tone of Whisper Lake differs from that of The Turning, in that the latter was a more suspenseful cat-and-mouse game, centered on the POVs of no more than three major characters and quick vignettes of minor ones.

Maya frowned patting me hard on the back.

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Her brother was coming home from college!? The boy or should I say man, was sculpted after a god. He moved away four years ago to start college. Before he left, I had the hugest crush on him. He never paid me any attention though, only seeing me as Mayas best friend. I might have to come over more often. Claire pouted. Since it was my senior year and I had most of my credits, my last class was next. Which happened to be the class I hated the most, math.

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Are you still coming over to study later? So I agreed to help tutor her after school. We split ways as I made It to the math room. I walked in the kitchen to see her washing the dishes.

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I smiled at her. I gasped, placing a hand to my chest. I got up from the chair making my way to my room. I flopped on my bed grabbing the remote from my bedside table. It was only so I had nothing but time before going over to Mayas. I yawned as I got comfortable in my bed.

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Three episodes in and I was out like a light. I looked over at my digital clock to see it was I ran down the steps shouting a goodbye to my mom as I closed the door. Luckily for me Maya only lived five blocks away. I jumped in my car starting it up. She rolled her eyes closing the door behind me.

Oh god, his voice has gotten so much deeper since the last time I heard him. I could feel my body reacting to it. Who knew a voice could have so much effect on a person?

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I froze as I heard footsteps coming our way. I looked from Maya to Sin, my eyes widened considerably when they landed on him. My eyes scanned him from head to toe, I could see the muscles through the thin black shirt he was wearing. I wanted to run my hands all over them.