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As is shown in this essay, the maternal concerns revealed by both sets of incorrect guesses do not merely illustrate Wilhelm Grimm's altering of the queen's role to fit nineteenth-century bourgeois conceptions of women as nurturing mothers; in addition to this, they shed significant light on the value placed on life in the tale, as well as on the often overlooked theme of disability and disease in the KHM. It is perhaps because none of the queen's six guesses proves correct that critics have tended to ignore them in their analyses of the Grimms' "Rumpelstiltskin.

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In revisiting names in "Rumpelstiltskin," my interest lies not so much in the name of the helper that is, with the fact that the miller's daughter, now queen, must guess Rumpelstiltskin's actual name as in the naming of the helper and the psychological insights that the queen's incorrect guesses yield. As Jack Zipes has pointed out, "Rumpelstiltskin" is disturbing "not because we never really know the identity of the tiny mysterious creature who spins so miraculously, even when he is named by the queen, the former miller's daughter.

It is disturbing because the focus of folklorists, psychoanalysts, and literary critics has centered on Rumpelstiltskin's name and his role in the tale despite the fact that the name is meaningless" Fairy Tale as Myth An unknown error has occurred. Add to Wishlist.

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Rumpelstiltskin Full Story - Fairy Tales

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The king hears this and orders the young woman to spin straw into gold for him.

Grimm's Fairy Tales

The story's title character , a mysterious little man with supernatural powers, comes to the young woman's aid. He agrees to spin straw into gold for her on the condition that she gives him her first born child. There have been many adaptations of the "Rumpelstiltskin" story to other media. The tale and its title character are often referenced in popular culture. The little man comes to the aid of the miller's daughter. Early 20th century illustration by the British artist Anne Anderson. A miller has a meeting with the king.

The miller falsely brags that his daughter is so clever that she is able to spin straw into gold. The king has the young woman brought to his castle. He leaves her in a room with a spinning wheel and a large amount of straw. He orders her to turn all of the straw into gold by the following morning on pain of death. A little man appears.

The Moral of the Story

He tells the miller's daughter that he will change all of the straw into gold in exchange for her necklace. Although the king is pleased to see all of the straw changed into gold, he decides that he wants more. He leaves the miller's daughter in a larger room in which there is a spinning wheel and even more straw. As before, the king orders the miller's daughter to turn all of the straw into gold. The little man once again comes to the aid of the miller's daughter. He agrees to change all of the straw into gold for her in exchange for her ring.

SurLaLune Fairy Tales Blog: Library Essentials: Picking a Grimm Translation

The king orders the miller's daughter to change yet more straw into gold for him. He tells her that if she succeeds this time, he will marry her and make her his queen. The little man once again appears and offers to change all of the straw into gold for the miller's daughter again.

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