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Collect all twenty-six classic literature-inspired BabyLit primers! All Aboard! This new board book series written by the husband and wife team of Haily and Kevin Meyers and illustrated by Haily, celebrates the unique qualities of each city while employing a fun primer element to tell the story. These books will have you and baby seeing the world by train and will turn story time into a globetrotting event.

Perfect as a souvenir or as part of a geography collection for brilliant babies, the All Aboard! Haily and Kevin Meyers are the husband and wife team behind the dazzling baby product line—Lucy Darling lucydarling. Haily's design work can be seen on their unique monthly sticker designs, nursery art prints, baby memory books, and multiple baby products.

They live in Arizona. Become acquainted with the places Anne and her friends such as Diana, Gilbert, Marilla, and Matthew love. Each letter of the alphabet is presented to toddlers with engaging art and a famous character, place, or concept from a beloved classic work of literature.

Jennifer Adams and Alison Oliver introduce babies to letters in this board book with help from Austen, Tolstoy, Dickens, Shakespeare, and other literary greats.

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Your little one will learn about the meddling Emma Woodhouse, who takes it upon herself to become the village matchmaker, creating all sorts of feelings in others. Elton being angry, Miss Taylor becoming happy, while Jane Fairfax is tired. One Fairy, two trees, three flowers, four wings; there are so many things to count in the garden! Discover, play, and spark your imagination night or day, boy or girl, young or old, with the Fairy Friends series enchanting illustrations to lead the way.

Rock and roll, the space race, pop art, divisive wars both hot and cold, psychedelia, and important gains in civil rights framed this exciting era of cultural and social change. Goodnight Mr.


Edgar and the Tattle-tale Heart 15 Item No. What will Edgar do when he accidentally breaks a statue sitting on a dresser?

Will his sister, Lenore, tattle on him? Will Edgar tell his mother the truth?

Board books

Edgar dashes his sister Lenore's hopes with the ever-popular phrase "sisters are not allowed," until a storm starts to brew and the two boys realize that sometimes the best things happen when you decide to stick together. The third picture book in the popular Edgar series is sure to warm the hearts of kids and parents alike. He's mischievous, disobedient, and contrary.

But as the evening winds to a close, Edgar's mom knows just what to do to get her son into bed-a bedtime story.

Featuring moaning, groaning ghosts; a silly Cyclops; goofy lotus eaters; and two colorful sea monsters. Stroll through 1 English village to meet 2 rich gentlemen and discover what happens when the 5 Bennet sisters encounter 4 marriage proposals! Nick and his elves. Lots of kids look forward to going back to school each fall. This collection of 26 illustrations featuring words from A to Z will introduce toddlers to what all the fuss is about in a unique and engaging way. Greg Paprocki works full-time as an illustrator and book designer.

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He began his career as an advertising art director after studying fine art and graphic design at the University of Nebraska. Greg lives in Lincoln, Nebraska. Jennifer works as a writer and editor in Salt Lake City, Utah. Visit her website at jennifer-adams.

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Alison's design portfolio includes everything from logos to packaging and product design for clients such as Chronicle Books, Citibabes, and Aerie, as well as Gibbs Smith. She lives in New York. Created by Suzanne Gibbs Taylor, authored by Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Alison Oliver, this series of board books introduces little ones to classic literature on a level they can understand. The series features books, playsets, totes, buttons, characters, prints, and now, just in time for Halloween, a new app.

The app is intended for children 3 and up and serves as an enhancement to the board book rather than a replacement. The app features animations, sounds, and a build and play section that allows users to customize their own monster. The flow from book to app is seamless and both are equally accessible. The app is fun and runs 99 cents in the app store.

I can see kids playing with it for chunks of time and perhaps returning to the book with renewed interest because of it. The simplicity of the app itself helps little ones focus rather than jump from one thing to the next. The overall cohesiveness from book to tote to buttons is impressive. All are good quality and have a fun feel overall. The illustrations are beautiful and the text simple. Perfect for little ones who have yet to grasp reading skills and are just learning about the world around them. Jessica Harrison is the main reviewer behind Cracking the Cover.