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He still lives in New Jersey and is a brilliant gastroenterologist. My childhood was happy, conventional, and middle class. We lived in a small house in Shorecrest, New Jersey, just a few blocks away from Highway Both parents helped me with my homework as I grew up — my dad worked with me on mathematics, and my mom helped me with presentations and posters.

My father also continually drew mazes for me to solve with pencil and paper. Oh God! I can still remember the scenes in which scientists discover a pair of giant crabs mutated by atomic tests on a remote island. After second grade at Fairview Elementary School, we moved to a bigger home in Ocean Township, New Jersey, where I later completed high school with a class rank of 2.

Sex, Drugs, Einstein & Elves

Ever onward, I went to Yale University, where, in , 1 received my Ph. Professors at the biggest-name schools are sometimes more interested in their research than in teaching. A few years later, I got married and had a son. As an aside, because more than 50 percent of Jews will marry non-Jews, as I did, American Jews will essentially vanish sometime in this century, except for fecund enclaves of the religious Hasidim.

This extrapolation is based on the tendency for children of mixed marriages to be raised as non-Jews. Judaism is also coming to an end in Europe. In , there were four million Jews. Today, there are two and a half million. Ireland will be the first to lose its Jewish community altogether. However, my science books have generally sold better than my God books.

For example, my first book, Computers, Pattern, Chaos and Beauty, published in , was one of my biggest sellers, despite its numerous equations. My 30th book was published in I still have the stickers today. My childhood interest in science arose from my desire to learn how the world works and from my passion for science fiction.

Many scien- tists and science popularizers got kick-started in life by reading science fiction. Today my taste for home decorations has morphed from bedroom anatomy posters to wooden African masks that currently surround a spi- ral staircase near the dining room.

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These masks are modem works, some from the early part of the 20th century, some contemporary. My masks spill out into the dining room, complete the frame of the hallway, and threaten to overrun the living room area. At this rate of growth, I estimate that by , no empty square inch of wall will remain in the entire house. Sushi is a delicacy I relish above all others, and I eat an eclectic assortment every few days in one of the several local Japanese restau- rants in Yorktown, New York. I do my best thinking while eating sushi or walking along Main Street after a meal.

Indeed, my novel Liquid Earth takes place entirely on the shady street. This is my sanctuary, my subur- ban cathedral. My town was first settled in the late 17th century and was pre- dominantly a farming community into the 20th century. The Leather Man has long since turned to dust. I landed here in the early s, after graduating from Yale. Every now and then I have difficulty drifting to sleep, wondering what became of the Leather Man.

But mostly I sleep pretty well. Fugu Sushi Marcel Proust, the French writer I will frequently mention, used to look at train timetables to help him fall asleep. The exotic names of rural villages on the train schedule stimulated his imagination to conjure entire On Fugu Sushi And Transdimensional Reality Worms 5 villages with colorful inhabitants. The mere names of the sushi — ikura, sayori, tamago — along with their artful displays, provide my mind with a splash of ideas, ranging from biology to art to Asian travel.

I may have taken this sushi obsession a bit too far when I named all the smart, punk women in my novel The Lobotomy Club after items on a sushi menu. Sayori, the main character, has an artificial arm. But I digress, as usual. My fascination with sushi is amplified by the expenses sometimes involved. The yellowtail and spicy baked oysters are served with black truffles. The walls of the restaurant are covered with blocks of mottled Japanese Oya stone personally selected by Masa Takayama.

According to Los Angeles Times food critic S. My dream is to someday try fugu, and I often wonder about the accelerating appeal of this rare delicacy. Why is this fish all the rage? The raw flesh of this deadly blowfish is not supposed to be much tastier than the standard fare. My guess is that most fugu aficionados want to eat the fish because they know that it will kill them if incorrectly prepared.

This is sheer adventure and something sure to impress your date, as he or she watches you place the flesh in your mouth with exponentially increasing dread or anticipation! Only a few deaths have been reported in the United States. Japanese chefs tell me that fugu, when alive, is the only fish that can close its eyes.

I once wrote a science-fiction story in which various wooden troughs of flailing fugu are laid before a sushi chef who is himself a fan of the delicacy. Tetrodotoxin has also been isolated from starfish, the California newt, frogs of the genus Atelopus, the blue -ringed octopus, angelfish, and xanthid crabs.

After the tetrodotoxin wears off, the recipient revives and seems to awaken from the dead. My favorite episode of The Simpsons was the one in which Homer eats poorly prepared fugu. Homer: Poison?

Sex Drugs Einstein And Elves Pickover Clifford A

What should I do, what should I do? Tell me, quick. Sushi Chef : Oh, no need to panic. My longtime fascination with topics at the edges of sci- ence started with Everard B. For more than twenty years, he was a curator at the Natural History Museum in London. Back in , Britton called my attention to the existence of a new hallucinogen, unusual because its source is an insect.

The extinct Malalis natives of eastern Brazil once regarded the bicho de tacuara bamboo worm as a special culinary treat that tasted like sweet cream. The small creatures are found in bamboo stems. Aristotle adored the flavor of cicadas.