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The words themselves have taken on new ring for me, the dead see, the dead sea. Perhaps they do. I have taught songs of The Grateful Dead, and think, maybe, yes, maybe Perhaps we're like those birthday candles that go out, trick candles, and then burn brightly again, and will not extinguish. I think we are. We are scrolls, as in a poem I wrote, published on Chabad, and our stories will all shine, as I see a Divine story that covers all, and the Dead Sea Scrolls are holy, part of heritage.

Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran A quick question. I remember when they first discovered them. The question then was whether the scrolls were considered accurate or whether had been stored in vases to dispose of them; because it was understood that a scroll was not to be used if it had an error printed on it.

What do your Scribes do with the scrolls they spend a year and a half re doing if they make a mistake.

Are they destroyed in a specific way and if so is that a recent way of disposing them or are there traditions ways to dispose of them? I am not Jewish but I am fascinated with the knowledge we learn from them as well.

Who Wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls? | History | Smithsonian

Also the burial area for the Qumran community has almost only male bones. The very few bones of females may have been cooks or other servants. So I think we should accept that the community was probably celibate.

This does not mean it was a monastery type of place though! It may have served most as a nonpermanent residence for study and contemplation.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

That is what Josephus did and then went on with his life. Currently, young Jewish men spend a celibate year in yeshiva in Israel :- No one would characterize the study period in yeshiva by emphasizing it as celibate! Dead Sea scrolls and carbon dating How do we know if these scrolls are older or newer than what was being printed before ? The answer to the question unlocks the secrets of the universe itself. The paradox is that the words on the scroll itself would indicate only about years of man's existence. But we know that carbon dating date objects back millions of years, a process that, in and of itself, is in conflict with the scrolls.

As such, I do not believe the Dead Sea scrolls to be more accurate, but rather a lost attempt to change the word of God. They were such a big deal in the 's. This article has reminded me of how their discovery was taught about in our superior public schools. This was totally appropriate, and we were all quiet, as all of it was a great story! So, thanks for filling in a lot of information that I wasn't aware of, regarding them. There's just something about these scrolls. Based on their contents, as well as the comments bt both Philo and Josephus, I am convinced the people of Qumran where in fact Essene jews.

According to the sources, their where two kinds of Essenes. These ancient jews where considered a special elite group, some of which where prophets. Qumran seems to have been a primitive school which very much resembles a monastery as well, since the community clearly lived by a community rule, they gave up all their personal property to "the gaurdian" who seems to have been a type of primitive abbot. They had their duties, common meals, and had a very strict view of women.

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Intimate relations with women, was strictly for marriage and pro-creation, rather than for pleasure. This and other passages in regards to women strongly suggest celibacy was practiced.

Tefillin of Quamran I found the talk very interesting. Because I am not a Jew at times also confusing; because I have been trying to follow the meanings of the Parchments in Quamran as a possible lead to understanding not only the Jewish Faith but where my Catholic Faith crosses into that area since Scholars believe that John the Baptist was a member of the Essenes I truly believe we cannot totally come to any understanding without a Jewish Scholar assisting a Catholic Scholar in the discovery. But I do believe it is a shame that those who first discovered it did not view anything beyond the Dead Sea Scrols as important enough to spend more time on investigating.

Thank you for sharing your view.

The Dead Sea Scrolls: a window on ancient Jewish history

The book of the Maccabees Has anything been different from the book of the maccabees. Is anything added or removed Im referring to the actual writings on the dead sea scrolls Reply. The Dead Sea Scrolls It's an astounding story, and a story that does involve some important characters in the history of discovery and archaeology in Israel.

Manuscript Forgeries, Digital Imaging, and Critical Provenance Research

The Shrine of the Book is a beautiful, holy place. The architecture itself is redolent of these important holdings, these manuscripts. There are still mysteries to unfold, as in WHO is the "teacher" referenced so often but unnamed in these scrolls? I think there's more coming and that more could be quite beautiful.

by Ayala Sussman, Ruth Peled

To find them in vessels, scrolled up in vessels, to preserve them, too, for me, is a deep metaphoric connect with our Kabblah, as we are all surely seen as vessels. Not part of it. Please Donate. Please partner with Chabad. Thank you to:. Here's a great tip!

Introduction: Current Issues in Dead Sea Scrolls Research

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